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Over the course of several years, I conducted a social experiment; I observed through numerous personal and professional interactions, that when I asked individuals a simple question inquiring about their well-being, I consistently received a “pessimistic auto default” response, like: I'm surviving, or Same $#@% different day, or Another day in paradise...   

This experiment made me realize several things:

1. An overwhelming amount of people go through life feeling like they are victims and are here on a mission. namely, to survive all the obstacles life throws at them and just make it to the finish line. To be clear, there is no question that life is challenging. I'm referring to the type of Mindset one chooses to adapt while contending with life's challenges. Namely; a victim/fixed mindset Vs a growth mindset.   

2. This type of mindset/attitude towards life crosses socio-economic and social-status boundaries. Meaning, it has nothing to do with how much money an individual has or which social circles they belong to. 

3. This type of mindset crosses genders, cultures, race, religion, and age groups.  

4. Individuals with this type of mindset share a similar belief; namely, everything always happens to them and that's the way life is and there is nothing they can do about it.    

5. No one would choose to go through life with this mindset if they were aware and convinced there is a happier and much more fulfilling way to live.

6. They may not be aware that they are modeling their negative attitude and imprinting their mindset on their kids, and unless this cycle stops it will continue to be passed on from one generation to the next. 

It was these realizations that led me to develop the methodology of The Thrive Model and launch the IOYL organization ( and blog. Our mission is: To inspire and help people Thrive! 

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