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Over the years, I developed a methodology for a healthier, happier, and fulfilled way of living. By personally applying it to my own life and seeing my family and friends apply it to theirs, I witnessed first hand the positive changes and drastic impact that took place in all the individuals who implemented it into their lives and continue to implement it to this day. I named this methodology: The Thrive Model.


In order for an individual to reap the maximum rewards of this methodology, there is one pre-requisite: they have to posses a sincere desire and will to want to change their life and embark on the journey to Thrive. Thrive however, is not a destination, it's a state of mind.  

It starts with the individual acquiring the knowledge to implement new actions in a disciplined manner into their daily life. These actions will gradually replace bad habits and undesirable character traits with positive and desirable ones and as a result alter the individual's life's trajectory.

As I started working on a visual model to represent my methodology, I came across the story of the philosopher stone (see video above). Although the philosopher stone is a myth, it’s metaphor and logo architecture are very symbolic and relevant to The Thrive Model. Since this logo does not belong to anyone and over the course of the past 2000+ years became a part of the public domain, I decided to utilize it to convey and share my methodology with the public.    


The Thrive Model consists of 9 elements that have to be optimized and work in harmony with each other. These elements are represented by 4 geometric shapes that fit within one another to form a unified design:  

Thrive Model logo breakdown clear background 0.6.png

The inner circle represents the 1st element; Kaizen, which is a Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement. It symbolizes your commitment in the outset of the Journey from surviving to Thriving. It means to continuously improve every day, bit by bit towards a pre-determined personal goal.

The square represents the following 4 elements: Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Your Mind requires continuous learning, adequate sleep, and concentrative meditation.

Your Body requires a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and physical exercise.

Your Soul requires you to acknowledge and address your emotions and feelings.

Your Spirit requires you to be mindful and follow your conscience and intuition. 

The triangle represents the following 3 elements: Core Values, Life Meaning, and Higher Purpose.

Your Core Values are your fundamental beliefs and highest priorities that drive your behavior.  

Your Life Meaning is your reason for being (raison d'être). It's your life's purpose, and the reason you get out of bed each morning. 

Your Higher Purpose is what you do to make the world a better place without getting any personal gain out of it. 

The large circle represents The Whole which is greater than the sum of its parts and the continuous motion of maintaining the balance between all the elements.




Disclaimer: by no means do I suggest or claim to have found the secret of the 

philosopher’s stone. 

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