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Adversity and Change

In 1859, Charles Darwin Published his book: On the Origin of Species, Proposing Continual Evolution of Species. The book was an instant hit and sold out in days. 


Darwin was famously quoted as saying: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. “

 Let’s fast forward to the present day, and see how this idea applies to our lives:


Every year, during the winter season, a new variant of the Influenza virus, also known as the Flu, shows up. And every year, scientists work tirelessly around the clock to find a new vaccine to stop it from spreading and potentially killing millions of people. 


The virus knows that if it does not mutate and evolve into a new variant by the following winter season, it will not survive the latest round of vaccines released to eradicate it and will seize to exist.  


This continuous cycle proves that even a virus, the least intelligent organism on earth, poses the most intelligent species on earth - humans, a significant challenge for change. And paradoxically, without the adversity that each side presents the other, neither would continue to evolve.


Another example of adversity and change is the recent rise of artificial intelligence.


While this example is different from the former, as it was created by humans for humans, it nevertheless, poses a significant challenge for millions of people, as it threatens to take away many stable jobs and turn many industries and lives upside down.


It is therefore now, more important than ever, to adopt a growth mindset and view adversity in any form it may present, as an opportunity for personal growth and continuous improvement. By learning new skills which will be in high demand in this new AI infused world, we’ll be able to seize opportunities that didn’t exist for us before.


Although Darwin’s book was published almost 200 years ago, it is just as relevant today as it was when it first came out, since change is the one element that remains constant through-out the universe and our lives. So, the question one should be asking themselves; is NOT wether or not they should embrace adversity and change? It’s, can they afford not to?


As the 2000-year-old latin saying goes: “Per aspera ad astra” which means; through adversity to the stars. 


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