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Me, Myself, and I

(Part 2)

Out of the 4 partners that make up “you”, 3 are non-physical and in charge of the “front end of the operation”, while the body is in charge of the “back end”. Every decision you make consists of an internal subconscious voting process that takes place between the Mind, Soul, and Spirit or as I like to call them; Me, Myself and I.

Like in any democratic voting process, the majority wins. Meaning, at least 2 out of 3 have to either vote in favour or against, for a decision to either pass or fail.

Think about any decision you ever contemplated over and made. From what to buy, eat or wear all the way to who to date, marry and everything else in between. Ask yourself the following questions: #1. why did you pick that option Vs the other? And #2: which 2 out of 3 partners influenced your decision?

Due to their opposing nature, the Logical Mind and Emotional Soul usually disagree about the direction “you” should follow when it comes to a decision you have to make. Luckily the Adventurous Spirit is the tie breaker.

Very rarely, do all 3 vote in favour of the same thing. One of the times this special occurrence happens is when “you” come to the realization that: “you can’t continue to live the life you’ve been living, and change is necessary”. When this realization happens and the internal vote comes up, it passes unanimously.

Here is another question:

How many times have you read stories, or watched movies about someone who decided to pursue their dream and achieved it? Too many times to count, right?

What you don’t read or see, is what happened internally the moment the decision was made and onwards…

So let me tell you what happened; The Mind created a detailed plan to follow and execute. The soul supplied continuous passion throughout the process. And the spirit used its intuition, willpower, and perseverance to overcome any obstacle that came up. And collectively they achieved the dream!

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