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YOU Inc. and the 4 partners

(Part 1)

Every human-being including you is made up of 4 elements: Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Let’s imagine for a minute that you are a business and these 4 elements within you are business partners.

Every partner is in charge of a different department within the business and the success of each individual department effects the success of the other departments. Inversely, the lack of success in their own department compromises the success of the other departments as well. Therefore, all partners have to perform at their best and work together towards a common goal in order for the business to Thrive and achieve its full potential.

Now, let’s apply the 4-partner analogy to the 4 human elements to provide a unique perspective as to how it affects you:

Partner #1: The Mind, is in charge of operations. It is analytical, logical and likes certainty. It deals with facts and doesn’t like unknowns and hypothetical assumptions. It needs to follow detailed plans and check off to do lists.

Partner #2: The Body, is in charge of production. It can work long and hard provided it keeps getting the raw materials and proper maintenance it needs to function efficiently. Namely: sufficient Sleep, balanced diet, and physical exercise to name a few.

Partner #3: The Soul, is in charge of human resources and customer service. It deals with all the various people the business interacts with both internally and externally and needs to ensure that for the most part everyone is happy, and any issues get resolved in the most amicable way possible.

Partner #4: The spirit, is the CEO, entrepreneur, and the one who uses its imagination and intuition to come up with the amazing ideas, projections, and goals for the business.

Simply put, when these 4 partners are on the same page working as a team towards a common goal, magic happens! There is almost nothing that you can’t achieve. However, when these 4 partners have conflicting interests and are not getting the support they need from each other, you will achieve poor results and never realize your full potential.

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