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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Miki Klevan, and I’m the founder of the IOYL organization.

IOYL is a non-profit organization which provides knowledge and tools to anyone interested in self improvement. 

I originally created it as my personal higher-purpose project, however over time it evolved and became a higher-purpose platform for Life Coaches, Psychologists, MD's, PHD's, Therapists, Trainers, Nutritionists, and other professionals who wanted to share their knowledge and tools with the world. 

The IOYL blog, features the culmination of the knowledge and ideas that I gained and developed over 25 years of running several successful companies, studying ancient and modern philosophy, psychology, and life-science. 

The ideas shared here are universal and are non-political, non-religious, gender-neutral, age-neutral, race-neutral, and culture-neutral. 

After years of benefiting from this knowledge personally and professionally, and witnessing first hand the positive impact it had on my family, my friends' families, and countless others' families, I decided to share it with anyone who would like to improve the quality of their own life and families' lives. 

It is my greatest hope that you find the ideas and knowledge shared here inspiring and helpful, and get on the path to Thrive. 

All the best,


Miki Klevan

Founder and life-long learner

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